Predictive, data-based confidence for enterprise decision making

Mapping critical business crossroads with predictive, human interaction based data

"Absolute game-changer"
Dr. David Rubens
Executive Director
The institute of strategic risk management
"Our chosen platform"
Eugenio Maiolo
Executive Director
Principal Consultant at Trusted ImpactPty Ltd
"A higher gear"
Iljana Mari
Executive Director
Obiectvio Technology S.r.l.

Benefits of data-based strategy

Close the gap between potential and actual outcomes

In a world of uncertainty, data and the ability to predict what lies ahead are the only certainties you can rely on when making decisions

Get a better night’s sleep, knowing you made the right call

When your decisions are data-based, and you have clear visibility on business outcomes, you can clear your mind and be much more productive, not having left things to chance.

Predict what’s coming next, in every aspect of the business

Use predictive analytics and actual data on how your organization behaves in different scenarios, identify which result provides the best  business outcomes and embark on the optimal route provided

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With cinten you gain:

Analyze your current and past methodologies and outcomes
Real-time digital visualization
of business scenarios
Predict how current protocols affect your future
Customized data-based best practice recommendation for future steps

See what people say about us:

"The data sets are pretty telling, from word clouds to the algorithm assessing the individual stress and capacity of each player throughout the exercise."
Susannah Murray
Training & Coaching / Security Risk and Crisis Management
"With Cinten, testing critical process has become an engaging experience and an interactive way of assessing the performance levels about crises management response."
Iljana Mari
Obiectvio Technology S.r.l.
"The capability to see and adjust the interactivities of critical stakeholders within a plan is made more visible through the use of the platform."
Eugenio Maiolo
Principal Consultant at Trusted Impact Pty Ltd
"The Cinten software is a game changer when it comes to training for safety and security preparedness for any organization."
Joseph Pangaro
President & CEO, True Security Design
"An outstanding programme and platform. We have integrated Cinten into almost every aspect of our corporate training and client engagement."
Dr. David Rubens
Executive Director, The Institute of Strategic Risk Management
"The simulation was well designed, realistic, well-paced and expertly run. I am limited in my IT skills this was no barrier."
Ricky Cox
MSSC (Dist) S.A.C. Dip, M.ISRM
"Cinten is my go-to provider when it comes to table-top emergency / crisis management simulations.
Kobi Mor
Corporate Security Strategist & Thought Leader | Coach & Mentor

We help our clients with:

Be prepared for scenarios coming your way
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Find the right person for the job – quicker and easier than ever before
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Remove uncertainty from decision making
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Unlock Unmatched Cyber Crisis Readiness with Our Simulation Bank!

Our subscription service offers a comprehensive bank of ready-to-use Cyber simulation scenarios tailored to various industries. Prepare your organization to tackle crises with confidence and precision.
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News & Media

We're thrilled to share that cinten is teaming up with the cybersecurity powerhouse, Cybrella!

Cybrella specializes in delivering world-class cybersecurity services, tailored to the unique needs of organizations of all shapes and sizes. Together, we are committed to ensuring your organization is not only protected against evolving cyber thre

Growth in the Philippines

We are thrilled to announce the partnership between cinten and ACK3

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ST-Impact

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Protecting the World: Israeli CyberSecurity Technologies

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