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Cybertech Europe 2023

cinten and our Partners in Italy Innovery, will be part of the Israeli Pavillion at Cybertech Europe 2023. Oli and Team will be waiting to meet you there.
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NYSCOSS Fall event

Visit the A Plus technology booth to see how cinten and dynamic SOP's can help protect Schools. Joseph Pangero will be waiting for you at booth #78
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90 Seconds to Shelter, This is Not an Exercise

welcome to episode 105 of the Resilient Journey podcast, presented by the Resilience Think Tank. This week I’m joined by Dotan Sagi, CEO of Cinten, an Israeli-based organization that helps organizations improve their crisis management exercises.
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" The Missing Piece to the Crisis Management Puzzle: Making the Best Decision"

Proud to have worked on this article called" The Missing Piece to the Crisis Management Puzzle: Making the Best Decision" appearing in the IDRiM Journal Volume 13, Issue 1
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SIMTactics wins Astor 2022 platinum award Best Risk, Crisis Management Prevention segment

Proud of SIMTactics powered by cinten for winning the Platinum Award for Best Risk, Crisis Management Prevention segment in the United States.
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The Israeli Treasury and the US Treasury have completed a joint exercise of cyber defense systems

The Cyber ​​Emergency and Security Unit at the Israeli Ministry of Finance continues to promote ways of dealing with cyber incidents that challenge financial systems and organizations.
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Innovery launches Jumanji, the new business process simulation platform

Innovery , through its subsidiary Obiectivo, has chosen the Cybertech Europe 2022 event taking place in Rome to present Jumanji to the market . This, a platform that allows the immersive digital simulat,ion of business processes, with a particular focus on critical ones...
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Cinten: יישום בינה מלאכותית שלוקח את ניהול הארגון אל העתיד

המערכת המתקדמת של Cinten מייצרת ארגונים עמידים ומוצלחים יותר באמצעות מערכת בינה מלאכותית שמייעלת ומשנה את תהליכי קבלת ההחלטות בזמן אמת
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Cybersecurity, alleanza italo-israeliana: in campo Objectivo Technology e BeSt

ia al progetto congiunto “Cyber Jumanji” che simula situazioni di pericolo per evitarle. Pamela Pace: “Grazie a questa soluzione i clienti potranno verificare sul campo la completezza e la validità delle loro procedure di sicurezza”
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Free Public Health Epidemic Simulation

TEL AVIV, Israel, Feb. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of the international community's concerted efforts to stem the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19)...
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