Faster talent assessment
with real-time
behavior-based data

Acquire the talent you need through intuitive digital simulations that enable you to prioritize qualities, strengths, abilities, behaviors, and skills

Benefits of behaviroal
data assessments

Quick learning curve
Simple to use
No tech experience required

Easy to use predictive talent insights regardless of technical literacy

An intuitive platform, enabling you to get started with the most efficient assessment experience as fast as possible, supported by a great team

Create position criteria
Choose desired qualities
Select compatible candidate

Quickly filter and rank candidates' hard and soft skills through talent analytics

Save time on reaching the optimal candidate for the role, team, and company spirit. Stop chasing wrong applicants and focus on what matters - finding the perfect fit

Real-time reporting
Showing actual capabilities
Behavior analytics metrics

Immediate, actionable psychosocial behaviroal insights

Quick, reliable candidate evaluation process that delivers metrics and analytics on candidates’ skills, personalities, strengths, weaknesses, actions, reactions, and interactions in different scenarios

Why people love Cinten

"Cinten can run any subject matter simulation, especially those that require decision making under uncertainty conditions & under stress."
Kobi Mor
Corporate Security Strategist & Thought Leader | Coach & Mentor
"Cinten is a game-changer when it comes to training for any organization. It creates a realistic environment that tests everyone’s skills and abilities."
Joseph Pangaro
President & CEO, True Security Design
“the algorithm assesses the individual stress and capacity of each player throughout the exercise. This data can provide quantifiable learning outcomes”
Susannah Murray
Training & Coaching / Security Risk and Crisis Management

Measure employee talent and hire the right person, not the right CV

Positively impact your succession and hiring processes for both yourself and the applicants by using talent analytics

Allow candidates to showcase their capabilities based on your need

By creating your position avatar, you can easily find the right employee for your needs. Find the right applicants, and see how they perform under different scenarios, based on a regular or irregular day in the office

A data-driven pre-qualifier in the interview process

Stop wasting time on guesswork and setting interviews that lead to nowhere. Rest assured knowing your data-driven interviews will be productive for both the hiring company and the candidates 

You want the right person that fits your needs
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Worried about data and performance indicators? We keep things easy and to the point:

Pre-recruitment database
Scenario analyses indicate who does what, when, and how, and who has knowledge gaps
Role-based avatars
Create avatars for each role including the desired knowledge, skills, and character traits
Real-life performance checkup
Simulate performance as part of a team or with customers handling real-life assignments
Save time and money
Data-driven suggestions of best practices for future steps
Criteria-based reporting
Performance reports evaluate candidates’ skills, knowledge, creativity, stress durability, character, and collaboration
Candidate comparison
Compare the results between candidates' exercises and find the ideal match for your team

Revise and optimize your succession planning and recruitment strategies

Use an effective talent assessment tool to see which employee fits which avatar role for smooth succession planning and sourcing

No more long, confusing forms

Your candidates will no longer be confused by tedious forms and questionnaires. Gamify their recruitment experience by placing them in simulated scenarios, enabling them to demonstrate their true abilities

How to get started:

For organizations looking to examine their employee/candidate capabilities through a pre-designed simulation
Limited Talent Assessment
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Pre designed scenarios
14 days
15 phases
5 players
Full Prototype
For organizations looking to examine their employee/candidate capabilities through a pre-defined scenario
Industry Standard
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Multiple pre-designed prototypes
Pre designed scenarios
12 months access
Unlimited phases
Unlimited players
For enterprise companies looking to optimize their human capital structure and organizational excellence through custom experiences
Full HCM Clarity
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Customized scenarios
12 months access
Unlimited phases
Unlimited players
Unlimited simulations
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