Make the right call with data-driven certainty

Completely eliminate uncertainty in your decision-making  by utilizing interaction-based predictive analytics, understanding where each step will take you

Benefits of data-based
critical path waypoint

situation-based foresight
Full-range visibility
Data-based clarity

Real-time, fact-based analytics for planning your future processes

Proactive decisions reporting, actionable insights, data manipulation, predictive analytics

Straight forward visibility
Wide range engagement
Goal oriented blueprint

Collaborative interface providing actionable insights

Proactive decisions reporting, actionable insights, data manipulation, predictive analytics

Upgraded strategic choices
Success led path
Best outcome transperancy

Clear visual representation of
best critical path solution

Accelerated business intelligence visualization, transforming the way your organization adapts to rapid changes, and navigates through obstacles

Why people love Cinten

"The capability to see and adjust the interactivities of critical stakeholders within a plan is made more visible through the use of the platform"
Eugenio Maiolo
Principal Consultant at Trusted Impact Pty Ltd
"With Cinten’s platform, testing critical processes have become an engaging and unique experience because of its user-friendly and interactive interface"
Iljana Mari
Obiectvio Technology S.r.l.

A flexible and adaptable platform providing data-driven results

Quickly develop scenarios, structures, processes, And workflows while keeping information quality, maintaining stable productivity, and predicting possible future outcomes, and the best path to take

Better control on future outcomes with predictive analytics

Manage, prepare and update forecasts, and increase change resilience, while receiving real-time updates on process quality and outcomes, generated by past, current, and future changes within your organization

Make better decisions with better data
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Worried about results and accuracy? we keep things crystal clear:

examining stress handling by individuals, teams & units
Plans/performance comparison
Multiple comparisons based on process, time, and execution
Real-time detection
Easily detect planning gaps by location, timed, and performance indicators
Pro-active process planning
Past, current state, and future outcomes comparison

Quick learning curve for faster decision-making strategies

Fast implementation combined with a simple, user-friendly interface.  Become self-sufficient in no time, and quickly transform our organization’s decisions from what-if scenarios, to certain, optimal decisions

Intuitive design, flexible to manage

increase productivity and intuitively create dynamic plans, workflows, and processes Across all sectors, while receiving analysis reports, indicating past, current, and future state optimal outcome

How to get started:

For top executives looking to examine their basic preparedness and performance in specific areas
Limited Tabletop Simulation
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Pre designed scenarios
14 days
15 phases
5 players
For top executives looking to examine and improve their organizational performance through pre-defined scenarios
Leadership Standard
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Multiple pre-defined prototypes
Pre designed scenarios
Valid for 12 months
Unlimited phases
Unlimited players
For enterprise leaders looking at optimizing organizational performance through a unique, personalized experience
Corporate Overview
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Customized scenarios
12 months access
Unlimited phases
Unlimited players
Unlimited simulations
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Delivering data-based certainty for better decisions
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