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cinten brings certainty to strategic decision-making processes by providing accurate and actionable insights which assist in goal realization.
Unlike non-data-based, outdated practices and methodologies, our data-driven SaaS solution is designed for those who make strategic decisions, supporting them by digitizing real-time human interactions in different scenarios, leading to informed, effective, and efficient decisions.

The team:
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Our story

Our story begins in 2018 when two friends were walking their dogs at night.
They were chatting about different ways they could solve uncertainty in decision-making.

One of them had a revolutionary idea, many thought was impossible, and with their combined experience, they proved otherwise.
The idea was simple- removing uncertainty from strategic decision-making, by digitizing the way people, teams, and business units interact with each other, and by these interactions produce predictive insights that drive business growth. The following day, the idea manifested into a prototype, and with time it grew to the SaaS platform companies from around the world use today.

With our amazing team and trusted partnerships, We now provide real-time analytics and behavioral analysis data in the areas of:

Crisis Management
Talent Assessment
Solving Business Crossroads

Our clients and partners describe us as game-changers, both in our technology and level of service.

Our manifesto

We are here for those who make the big decisions.
The ones who make the judgment calls that affect others.
The ones who hire, build, and design teams.
The ones who save, prepare, and manage crisis situations.
For those whose signature impact thousands of lives,
We bring a message of change and certainty.

The era of placing the future in the hands of clunky protocols is over.
The world is ever-changing, so unlike outdated, data-less methodologies & practices, we are data-driven, accurate, and deliver real-life, human interaction-based insights.
We are here to make the decision-making process crystal clear.

Our mission is the removal of uncertainty, and winning with data-based confidence.

Our strength comes from within, and we make sure that we are transparent and open - both to our customers and ourselves.

We are passionate about leadership, accuracy, preparation, and creative problem-solving.

We embrace challenges and deliver perfection, wiping chaos off the map.

We are cinten.

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