Boosting your crisis awareness & resilience levels

Simplify and optimize your tabletop exercises, and receive accurate data on readiness response by quickly digitizing and validating action plans

Benefits of digital tabletop
crisis simulations

Swift scenario creation
Integrate current proceadures
Best practice insights

User-friendly, interactive platform for multiple scenarios

Easily integrate your current procedures and quickly simulate to examine current scenario outcome with a simple to use interface, designed specifically for simulating high-risk situations.

Outdated inneficient protoclos
Current handling in real time
Actionable, optimized steps

See the full picture when dealing with high-risk protocols

Obtain a clear visual picture of where you currently are versus where you are expecting to be, using interaction-based data generated by digital simulations

See current status
Calculated quick recovery
Pre-crisis readiness

Real-time interaction
data reflection

Clear visual insights as to how your organization reacts to a crisis, how employees and other stakeholders react and interact, including a thorough analysis into the decision-making process

Why people love Cinten

"The simulation was well designed, realistic, well-paced and expertly run. I am limited in my IT Skills and this was no barrier"
Ricky Cox
MSSC (Dist) S.A.C. Dip, M.ISRM
"Cinten is a must have for emergency preparedness leaders, crisis management functions and senior management"
Kobi Mor
Corporate Security Strategist & Thought Leader | Coach & Mentor
"Cinten has literally been a game-changer for us, giving us opportunities to develop programmes and deliver services"
Dr. David Rubens
Executive Director, The Institute of Strategic Risk Management
"The ability to build in a client’s IRP/BCP/Crisis plan and compare expected results to actual simulated results is an absolute winner"
Eugenio Maiolo
Principal Consultant at Trusted Impact Pty Ltd

Interact remotely
with ease

Go live and engage with multiple stakeholders regardless of location, get quick response time on different situations, and successfully prepare for any future events that could put you at risk

Test your peers on
emergency handling

Get Real-time, practical indications of the impact your process has on real events, see and adjust the interactivities of critical stakeholders within a plan, and  receive an “endurance score” to indicate your readiness to manage a crisis

Make better decisions with better data
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Worried about accuracy & ease of use?
We keep things simple:

Integrate your procedure with a unique editor
Optimize your processes based on actual performance data
Simulate to examine potential scenarios
Real-time, practical indications on stakeholders’ knowledge retention
Generate a diagnostic report and score for scenario handling
Pro-actively receive insights on how to improve performance

Quick simulation setup, accurate data-based results

Learn how you can improve your crisis handling, prepare for any simulation much quicker than before, and receive insights on optimized future events preparation

Train & develop workflows

Test your teams’ capabilities in handling stressful situations and develop new workflows based on their performance levels, using  A highly Intuitive platform that enables you to set up and simulate quickly and easily

Accurate resilience levels

be ready for any situation, proactively receive insights on future and current protocols optimization, based on simulation performance, measured by stakeholders interaction, and receive organizational resilience reporting

How to get started:

For organizations that want to use a pre-designed simulation to examine their basic preparedness
Resilience Checkup
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Pre designed scenarios
14 days
15 phases
5 players
For organizations looking to examine their preparedness for a pre-defined scenario from an extensive collection
Crisis Prevention
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Pre designed scenarios
Valid for 12 months
Unlimited phases
Unlimited players
For organizations looking to optimize their current processes for a certain tomorrow.
Emergency Foresight
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Customized scenarios
Valid for 12 months
Unlimited phases
Unlimited players
Unlimited simulations
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Delivering data-based certainty for better decisions
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